Harrisand World Championships

The World Championships of Sand Sculpture Competition are open to Master Sand Sculptors only. If you believe that you are an accomplished sand sculptor who should be accredited as a Master Sculptor.

Solo Sand Sculpture Competition

Competed in the Master's category in Solo Competition at Quebec City, Quebec; South Padre Island, Texas; Virginia Beach, VA.; Fort Myer's, Florida or Imperial Beach, California.

Accomplished Sculptor

You are an accomplished sculptor in another medium, such as bronze, ice, snow, terra cotta or wood AND your work has won an awards in juried shows or competitions.

Professional Sand Sculpture

You have worked with a professional sand sculpture company for at least three years and the lead sculptor of that company is prepared to acknowledge your competence and professionalism.

Master Sand Sculptor

If any of these conditions apply to you, you should send at least five photographs of different pieces of sand sculpture completed by you along with a brief resume of your experience and at least one letter of reference from: another Master Sand Sculptor, University Professor or community official such as the Mayor or Chief of Police to World Champion Sand Sculpture.


Tamping is required to compact the grains of sand and get the square surfaces lined up to each other. This is usually done with a heavy metal tool that the worker pounds onto the surface until the next layer of sand/water is applied.


Without water, the dry sand would just slump to the ground and be impossible to work with. You may think of it as the 'glue' that holds all those wonderful creations together. Water is delivered either by hose (supplied by the Village) or by bucket.


Once the forms are complete and the sand is compacted, the sculpting can begin. Work is done from the top down with the forms being removed when they are no longer needed to stand on. When all of the carving is completed.


World Championships Of Sand Sculpture Competition & Exhibition

World Championships Of Sand Sculpture Competition & Exhibition If you think you are the one who can create awe-inspiring wonders out of the sand using your creativity and art, wait no more and join us because this World Championship is an apt choice for you. Compete with others by building some excellent sand sculptures and claim your victory. And to all those who love to delve deep into the world of art, we have in place a fantastic Sand Sculpture exhibition. Think no more and join us because you would surely love it!

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