Team Champions
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treasure_hunt.JPG (4234 bytes) 2000 - (First Place + People's Choice), Treasure Hunt, Sandscapes, California
roach_motel.JPG (4511 bytes) 2000 - (Second Place), No Vacancy (at the Roach Motel), Sandboxers, Victoria, BC
overruled.JPG (5634 bytes) 2000 - (Third Place), Overruled, Sandaholics, Holland
natural2.gif (3834 bytes) 1999 - (1st Place), Natural Selection. Sandscapes, Los Osos CA
asia2.gif (3315 bytes) 1999 - (2nd Place), Asia. In-Japan, Kagoshima, Japan
sandmas2.gif (3617 bytes) 1999 - (3rd Place), Sandmasons. Sultans of Sand - Bill Dow, Bilings MT and Richard Varano, Orlando FL
1998 - (1st Place), Tabloid. Sandscapes, Los Osos CA
1998 - (2nd Place), Paws at the Oasis. Hard Sand Cafe, Seattle WA
1998 - (3rd Place), Two Brothers. Sultans of Sand - Leonardo Ugolini,  Italy and Richard Varano, Orlando FL
1997-Troll's Restaurant, Sandscapes. Los Osos, CA
1996-Road Kill, Sandscapes. Los Osos, CA
1995-Long John's Sons, Sandscapes. Los Osos, CA
1994-Animal House, Sandscapes. Los Osos, CA
1993-Muppets go to Jurassic Park, Hard Sand Cafe, Seattle WA
1992-Jungle Book, Sandscapes. Los Osos, CA
1991-Jack & the Beanstalk, Pacific Northwest Sandshapers. WA & BC
1990-Gulliver's Travels, Freddie & The Sandblasters. Victoria, BC

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